Zoom Texas BBQ Smoked Meat Platter

Texas BBQ Smoked Meat Platter

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Introducing the Taste of Texas - Ultimate Smoked Meat Platter for Two at just £35!

*Elevate Your BBQ Experience at Home!* 

Are you ready for an authentic Texas BBQ feast like no other? Our Ultimate Smoked Meat Platter for Two is the culinary masterpiece that launched our business, and now it's ready to take your taste buds on a mouth-watering journey. Imagine indulging in a scrumptious selection of expertly smoked meats and delectable sides, all from the comfort of your own home. This is the ultimate "stay at home" dining experience that brings restaurant-quality BBQ straight to your table.


*What's Included?* 


*Texas Brisket (180g)*

Savour the rich, smoky goodness of our grass-fed Yorkshire beef brisket, meticulously hand-trimmed and generously coated with our signature brisket rub. Slow-smoked for over 18 hours, our briskets are hand-picked to ensure a perfect fat-to-meat ratio, resulting in tender, juicy, and flavourful bites. Each cut is expertly blast-chilled to seal in every drop of succulent goodness.


*Carolina Style Pulled Pork (180g)*

Prepare to be blown away by our 1KG Carolina Style Pulled Pork! Crafted from premium UK pork shoulder, it undergoes a "low n slow" 18-hour smoking process over oak wood, infusing it with a heavenly smokiness. After the initial 12-hour smoke, it's simmered in its own luscious juices and delicately mixed with our tangy Carolina style BBQ sauce. The result? A melt-in-your-mouth, utterly delicious pulled pork experience!


*Smoked Chicken (180g)*

Indulge in our boneless, skinless chicken thigh, lovingly rubbed with our house BBQ blend, and then smoked for a tantalizing 5 hours. It's the perfect harmony of smoky and savoury flavours, crowned with a mouth-watering Cajun Honey glaze that adds a touch of sweet heat.


*Texas Hot Link Sausage *

Introducing our newest star: Texas Hot Link Sausage! Thesesausages are the embodiment of Texas flavour, made with the finest ingredients and smoked to perfection. They bring a sizzle of heat and a burst of spices to your BBQ platter.


*Smoked Mac N Cheese*

Our Mac N Cheese is not your ordinary side dish. We take it to the next level by crafting a cheese sauce with our own smoked cheddar, delivering an irresistible depth of flavour. Dive into the rich and decadent world of mac 'n' cheese!


*Home-Made Slaw*

Complement your meats with our fresh and crunchy homemade coleslaw that adds a delightful contrast of textures and a burst of freshness to each bite.


*Sauce, Breads & Pickles*

Enhance your BBQ adventure with an array of savoury sauces, perfectly paired bread, and zesty pickles that elevate your dining experience to a whole new level.


*Cookie Pie to Share*

End your culinary journey on a sweet note with a epic cookie pie to share that satisfy your dessert cravings. **Don't forget to warm it up**


🍽 Convenient At-Home Dining: Experience the joy of restaurant-quality BBQ without leaving your home. Our Texas-Style Baby Back Ribs are expertly prepared and ready for you to reheat at your convenience. You'll be amazed at how they maintain their incredible quality, even after reheating.


*Impress and Satisfy!*

Our Ultimate Smoked Meat Platter for Two is designed to impress and delight, offering you and your dining partner the ultimate taste of the Southern States. Whether it's a special occasion or a well-deserved treat, elevate your BBQ game with this unbeatable feast.


Don't miss out on this epic BBQ experience. Order your Taste of Texas - Ultimate Smoked Meat Platter for Two today and let the flavours of the South come alive in your own home!

Texas BBQ Smoked Meat Platter


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Mike Dodd
Very tasty !

Made a delicious meal for Kate and I - good value as it was a terrific portion for the money ! Kate liked the beef and sausage and is not much of a pork fan, I enjoyed it all - great flavour and I will come over there to try more for lunch some time !

Ben Saville
Amazing food

This was so easy to heat up at home. Very generous portion sizes, we had leftovers.

All of the cuts were delicious, the brisket is so succulent and smoky.

Highly recommend this platter. It won’t disappoint.

Liz Powell
Texas BBQ

This was amazing. The flavours were great, super portions and I’ll deffo be ordering again. Great communication with the team who couldn’t do enough to answer my questions

Ben Johnson
Delicious Valentine’s Day treat

Fantastic service, communication and delivery. Food was all incredibly tasty, amazing meat, Mac and cheese, and the fantastic cookie pie. Can’t wait to order again

Lorraine Wickham
Deli & Meat Platters

You guys have got this spot on!

The recipients of the Deli and Meat platters were absolutely delighted with them, everyone had a favourite thing but the whole family enjoyed an easy to prepare meal that arrived with perfect timing. They messaged to say how lovely everything was and whilst the children’s favourite was the Mac and cheese, everything was great.

Thank you for delivering another perfect gift for me!