About Us

Farsley Fire and Smoke are a collective of people who spend their days (and nights) lighting wood fires and gently smoking delicious things.

From Backyard Dreams to Brisket Tin

It all started when Ashley and Sarah Turner bought a food truck In early Covid days having lost their respective careers due to the pandemic. Ashley had been a classic back yard smoker for years having fallen in love with real wood fired cooking during his many trips to the Lone Star State.

Over a glass of red wine, during one of Boris's national addresses, he convinced Sarah to sign off on them buying a food truck. 'People are going to need good food' he said' 'I will smoke the briskets and you make amazing smoked mac n cheese. What's not to like?' That truck, named The Brisket Tin' parked up in the village of Farsley. They grabbed friends Dutch and Lucy and the adventure began.

Lines of people turned out to buy their slow smoked bbq. Some nights people would wait in line for over an hour just to place an order. The foundation of business was built on these lines and four years later they are both ever grateful for the support they received from the good people of Farsley.

They very quickly realised that they had accidentally built a business. Crikey, people really did need food.

Building a Smokin' Family

Thankfully they were joined by Nigel who oversees the accounts and finances (and also helps to calm Ashley's spending on smokers) and Kay who has since become the head 'Pitmaster' expertly smoking briskets, salmons and everything in-between (she also follows Ashley around tidying up after him).

Sarah, Ashley, Nigel and Kay were then joined by Julie and Amelia who now take care of evening hot food operations. And not forgetting Lee, who pretty much maintains the machinery and helps Ashley get a good night sleep. He is saved in Ashley's phone as SOS LEE for good reason.

The team is now made up of over 20 incredible people who all help bring Ashley and Sarah's dream alive.

We are a family. So know that every penny you spend with us is directly supporting a small, family business in the heart of an amazing community here in Yorkshire.

We do things the hard way. No short cuts, we're not a factory. Everything is hand crafted. Our DNA runs through each element of the business. We started from a foodtruck and home kitchen and are now proud owners of a proper Yorkshire Smokery.

We truly hope that you can taste the difference.

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