Zoom Fire Roasted Hot Smoked Salmon - Half or Whole
Zoom Fire Roasted Hot Smoked Salmon - Half or Whole

Fire Roasted Hot Smoked Salmon - Half or Whole

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Introducing: FIRE ROASTED HOT SMOKED SALMON - Half or Whole

Uncover a world of culinary refinement with our Fire Roasted Hot Smoked Salmon. Sourced from the pristine waters of the North Atlantic, this portion of exquisite cold smoked salmon redefines gourmet indulgence.

Available in Half or Whole Salmon portions.

What Sets Our Salmon Apart:

*Sublime Half or Whole Salmon Options*

Opt for an unparalleled culinary experience with our half or whole salmon portions. Each portion embodies the perfect harmony of texture and flavour, making it the ultimate choice for connoisseurs of sushi-grade quality.

*Unparalleled Quality*

We meticulously select only the most exceptional salmon, guaranteeing a consistently rich and succulent taste that meets the demands of discerning palates.

*Artisanal Smoking Mastery*

Every fillet undergoes an artisanal smoking process using a blend of hardwoods and select spices. The outcome? A gentle, smoky essence that tantalizes your taste buds and harmoniously complements the buttery texture.

*Nutrient-Rich Delight*

Our cold smoked salmon is a nutritional powerhouse, bursting with essential Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. It's a health-conscious choice that refuses to compromise on taste.

*Versatile Culinary Companion*

This pack serves as your canvas for crafting stunning sushi and sashimi presentations or infusing a touch of sophistication into your charcuterie board. Elevate your breakfast, brunch, or dinner with the irresistible flavor and luxurious thickness of our sashimi-style cold smoked salmon.

*Freshness Assured*

We take immense pride in delivering the epitome of freshness to your doorstep. Our state-of-the-art packaging ensures that the salmon arrives in perfect condition, ready to be savoured.

Indulge in the luxury of our Fire Roasted Hot Smoked Salmon - now available in sublime half or full salmon portions. This culinary masterpiece promises an unforgettable gastronomic voyage. Whether you're treating yourself or enchanting guests, these options are your gateway to perfection.

Experience the exceptional flavour, texture, and quality of our cold smoked salmon today. Order now and elevate your dining experience to unparalleled heights with these sumptuously thick sashimi-style slices. Your journey to gourmet indulgence begins here.

Fire Roasted Hot Smoked Salmon - Half or Whole


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Rachel Pottinger
Love the salmon

Decided to buy a whole salmon after just getting half last year. Amazing flavour and very moist - even my fussy kids love it.
Does come in 2 halves, which wasn't an issue for us. Ate some cold then made pasta and pate with the rest. Will buy again.

Mike Cawson
Very nice but not as special as expected

First time I had hot smoked salmon I was blown away at the delicious combination of salmon and smokiness. This delivery of two half salmons was a bit disappointing, a) because it wasn't a whole piece, but more importantly, b) because it lacked the deep flavour and smokiness I was expecting.

Jennifer Stanley
Lovely flavour

Lovely flavour and arrived on time but my whole salmon arrived in 2 halves?? Wasn’t what I was expecting! Great taste!

Lorna Allison
Fantastic side of salmon! Loved it

First time ordering and we were delighted. Ordered a side of salmon for Christmas buffet and it was a huge hit with everyone who said it was delicious. We had enough left over to use for Salmon pasta and to make homemade fishcakes and it was perfect for these recipes too. Delivered on time and packed well. Will definitely buy from here again.

Nigel Proctor
Great product

This product is great hot or cold. As part of main meal or an indulgent breakfast.