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Dry Cured Yorkshire Bacon - Back Bacon

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*Savour the Authentic Taste of Yorkshire - Traditional Dry Cured Smoked Bacon*

Rediscover the true essence of bacon with our premium Yorkshire bacon. Each cut tells the tale of Yorkshire's pristine conditions, where the pork is sourced from the finest local farms, encapsulating the area's verdant beauty and agricultural excellence.

*Superior Dry Curing Process*

Our bacon stands as a testament to the age-old tradition of dry curing, a technique far superior to its wet-cured counterparts. When you choose our dry cured bacon, you’re assured of a piece that retains its size and shape upon cooking, free from the unwelcome surprise of shrinking or the release of any unpleasant white water. This ensures a consistently perfect slice, with full-bodied flavour and an exquisite texture.

*Crafted Without Compromise*

We reject the use of nitrates, opting instead for the natural preserving power of salt. This time-honoured method enriches the bacon's natural flavours, resulting in a richer and more robust taste.

*Naturally Smoked for Depth of Flavour*

Our bacon is thoughtfully smoked over selected Yorkshire wood chips, creating a subtle, smokey flavor that perfectly complements the richness of the pork, delivering a truly satisfying taste.

*Responsibly Sourced, Ethically Raised*

Sustainability and ethical farming are at the core of our practice. The pigs from which our bacon is derived are raised with meticulous care by local Yorkshire farmers, ensuring the highest quality and animal welfare.

*Taste the Dry Cured Difference*

Our Yorkshire bacon offers a pure and hearty taste experience. It crisps beautifully when cooked, maintains its juiciness, and presents a robust flavor. This isn't just bacon—it's a celebration of craftsmanship in every bite.

*Bring Home Yorkshire's Finest*

Available in gourmet food stores and online marketplaces, our exceptional dry cured smoked bacon is more than a meal—it’s a gourmet experience that elevates everyday cooking to extraordinary.

Experience the Excellence of Dry Cured Bacon with Every Bite.

Dry Cured Yorkshire Bacon - Back Bacon


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Roderick Boggs
Lovely bacon

You will see a review I wrote on the 22nd April , please completely disregard, and ignore it . The delay was due to a couple of problems which were my fault .
I received my bacon yesterday and it has a lovely smoked flavour ( some “smoked “ bacon you wonder did they just wave bacon over smoke ) and a very good texture. Roderick Boggs.Belfast.

Roderick Boggs
No bacon

I ordered six packs of bacon on 5th April 2024 ,nothing arrived on chosen delivery date 12th ,I emailed on the 15th no reply , I received this review request on the 19th , emailed Farsley Fire and Smoke again on the 20th no reply , so am writing this review on the 22nd after trying to telephoned number not recognised. Beware . R B Belfast.

Shelley Phelps
Smokey bacon

Tasted very nice but not cut thick enough for me

Joanne Taylor

Lovely treat for Christmas morning

Nigel Proctor
Tasty bacon

Such good thick smoked bacon. Great product.